Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Take The T

If you are a Boston Fringe theatergoer the following names should be familiar to you:

Irene Daly, George Saulnier, Rick Park, Patrick Gabridge, William Donnely, Meg Taintor, Andrew Winson, Dan Milstien...

These are just a few of the the writers, actors and directors who will be participating in The T Plays at the Factory Theatre starting tonight.

From the press release:

"Over our first two weeks we’ll present 10 World Premieres. EachSaturday five playwrights will board the subway knowing only the number of characters and the setting (the very subway they are on). At the end of the round trip they turn their freshly written script over to the director and actors. Three days later the shows go up!"

The Factory Theatre doesn't have many seats so I would recommend that if you would like to attend, you should get tickets early.

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