Thursday, September 11, 2008

Snark of the Day

It sometimes seems almost a cliche to joke about the ART's aesthetic, but Larry Stark gets off a good line here:

Seen in the best light, the A.R.T. could be called a "theatrical
laboratory" in which even the most outlandishly silly concepts can be experimented upon, because most of their most famous imported directors are never allowed to see the work as failed. Most of their experiments have been bewilderingly opaque and have had no relation whatever to whether the audience learns anything from watching some "arteest" masturbate publically. The Loeb Drama Center --- where I spent many happy years working backstage before these Sothron carpetbaggers came to town --- has looked to me like the Kennedy Compound out in Hyannis, where locals can watch helicopters fly Important People in to do Something Important, nationally or internationally, but who the hell knows what?

This is part of a 50-year lookback that Larry takes on his time living and seeing theater here in Boston.

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Ian Thal said...

Larry's discussion of Boston's theatrical history reminds me of many a tale told to me by my now 83-year-old friend, the actor, William J. Barnum (who first got me interested in the formal study of mime.) To this day, Bill still praises David Wheeler as the best director he ever worked with and went quite at length about his memories of performing at the Charles Playhouse a few years ago when I took him to see Blue Man Group.

That said, I appreciate Stark's perspective-- and his snark.