Tuesday, September 16, 2008

File Under - Did They See the Same Show?

Louise Kennedy in the Boston Globe:

Engaging, energetic, amusing, and clearly in love with the art of
telling stories onstage, Richard Nelson's "How Shakespeare Won the West" makes an auspicious opening for the Huntington Theatre Company's first season under its new artistic director, Peter DuBois.

Jenna Scherer in the Boston Herald:

I’m not sure what is playing at the BU Theatre - but whatever it is
isn’t a play. Storytime at Ol’ Cracky’s Saloon, maybe - but not a play. When I try to wrap my head around the fact that Richard Nelson, a guy who’s won myriad awards - including a Tony - for his playwriting, could roll out a junk heap in line with “How Shakespeare Won the West,” reasoning fails me.


Thomas Garvey said...

Somehow I think Louise is going to be alone on this one.

Anonymous said...

The show was bad enough to put me off the Huntington for the season, and almost every review I've read of the show has been strongly negative. Louise Kennedy's review was extremely odd.

Charles G. Baldwin said...

I too was surprised by Ms Kennedy's review... Shakespeare at the Huntington left me hungry for good theatre...

Charles G. Baldwin said...

Shakepeare at the Huntington left me hungry for what I thought I was going to see - an epic story of the migration west with Shakespearean text reflecting on the humanity in the face of bad weather, disease, hunger, clashing cultures, and a looong trip in a covered wagon.