Saturday, September 06, 2008

Boston Theatre - Promising News

From the Boston Globe's profile of incoming Artistic Director Peter Dubois:

One factor that drew him to the Huntington, he says, is the chance he sees to collaborate with smaller companies in ways both formal and unstructured to help them grow. "With the Calderwood, there's that opportunity," DuBois says, citing a recent meeting he held with Company One to discuss the playwright Lydia Diamond's work. The troupe, now a resident company at the Boston Center for the Arts, will present Diamond's "Voyeurs de Venus" this fall.

"She's one of our playwriting fellows, so there's already a relationship there," he explains. "We're really excited about Lydia, so then we're invested in the success of Company One. It's organic."

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Thomas Garvey said...

The largest gap in the Huntington's profile has been its under-use of the Calderwood, so this could be an exciting development. But I confess Diamond gives me pause: I saw the workshop of "Voyeurs de Venus" two years ago - and (since I'm off the workshop guest list anyway) I'll mention that I wasn't too impressed with it. Moreover, when I pointed out its most obvious flaw in the ensuing discussion, Ms. Diamond actually replied to me - with a straight face - that I only regarded the aspect of the script in question as a flaw because I was a man. (Imagine a male playwright saying that to a woman!) I'll be curious to see if Ms. Diamond has actually "developed" her play or not.