Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Boston Theatre - On Your Marks...

The theatre season begins this week and won't slow down until Christmas. There are so many changes happening in the Boston theatre community that perhaps we will not grasp their importance until the entire 2008-2009 seasons are complete.

Of course, there is always the chance of the old saw about "the more things change" holding true, but some things certainly will be noticeably prominent. For instance, the new Central Square theater will gain more visibility as the time goes on. (It has been surprising to me how many people in the theatre community itself aren't aware of its existence yet. )

I am starting to get more and more press releases in my e-mail. There are many interesting projects coming up and I will try to see as many as I can.
Also, I want to continue the exploration started at the Stagesource Conference this past August. The title of the conference was "Raising Our Standards," and there was much discussion about whether or not Boston was a theatre town. Of course, the definition of the term "theatre town" tends to be amorphous and very slippery, and chasing it can easily lead us further from the "standards" question.

There are several other projects I would like to introduce. But probably the most important for me is to get other theatre artists involved in the discussion. We need more Boston theatre blogging, especially from the practicioners. I am not talking about marketing blogs, or dramaturgy blogs. I am talking about weblogs or social media in which artistic directors, directors, playwrights and designers get involved and engage with each other, the press and the public.

In London it is not uncommon for Artsitic Directors of fringe, midsized, or larger theatres to contribute to pieces to the Guardian online, or to other websites. In Chicago, many theatre artists and artistic directors run spirited blogs. Of course, in that town, the Tribune, a major newspaper, runs a theatre blog in which comments are open to the public.

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