Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Political Theatre - A Critic's Perspective

Lisa Bornstein, critic for the Rocky Mountain News, is blogging about the theatre of the Democratic National Convention:

Let's be honest, friends: There is sadly little chance of anything spontaneous happening at the Democratic National Convention. That's probably one of the reasons Obama held off so long in announcing a VP candidate -- where there is no spontaneity, you gotta plan some.
It is, in fact, one of the great theatrical spectacles of the modern age. Every light cue chosen for the message it sends. A stage designed to remind the public that the Democrats see themselves as a party of inclusion, of the modern in a world where old methods are not working.There's a script, written by dozen of hands and a program that doesn't tell the audience much more than what time to take its seats.

And the performances! You think it's a big deal that Katie Holmes is debuting on Broadway? (OK, to be honest, no one thinks it's a big deal that Katie Holmes is debuting on Broadway.) Check out this cast of dozens, from Caroline Kennedy to Hillary Clinton, all building to the catharsis that is Barack.

So far the posts are not that inspired, but there are still a few more days left, and I think it is a unique way for a critic to flex some muscles in the summertime.

Yesterday she quipped: "If the afternoon session were a Broadway show, it would close out of town."

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Esther said...

This is a very nice idea. I linked to it on my blog! And I agree, Monday's post was probably the best in terms of theater-politics comparisons.