Friday, August 15, 2008

Obama Arts Policy

Isaac at Parabasis just gave a link to a PDF on Obama's Arts Policy. In it, is a statement by Michael Chabon on the importance of the arts, an excerpt here:

"America’s artists are the guardians of the spirit of questioning, of innovation, of reaching across the barriers that fence us off from our neighbors, from our allies and adversaries, from the six billion other people with whom we share this dark and dazzling world. Art increases the sense of common humanity. The imagination of the artist is, therefore, a profoundly moral imagination: the easier it is for you to imagine walking in someone else’s shoes, the more difficult it then becomes to do that person harm. If you want to make a torturer, first kill his imagination. If you want to create a nation that will stand by and allow torture to be practiced in its name, then go ahead and kill its imagination, too. You could start by cutting school funding for art, music, creative writing and the performing arts."

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Stuart Kurtz said...

Mr. Hennessey:

According to Herbert Marcuse, art is paramount in that it imagines possible worlds diametrically opposed to this one.

The danger of most of the art we have now is that it is tied in with the market. What sells is considered good. Why do concert tickets cost up to $3000 (am I right?), and cutting-edge artists cannot even afford to live in the cities? Remember that Rembrandt died a pauper, and Van Gogh only sold 1 painting.