Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Harp Rocks the Central Square Theatre

The new theatre in Central Square is really off to a start this summer. They have a variety of ecletic events, and this weekend is no exception.

That woman rocking out with, yes, a harp is Boston's own Deborah Henson-Conant who moves into the Central Square Theater this weekend with her new one woman show - "What the Hell Are You Doing In the Waiting Room For Heaven?" In this cabaret-style performance, Deborah is in Heaven, but finds out that the auditions for the Celestial Choir are now conducted like American Idol, complet with celebrity judges.

I have attended Deborah's shows in large venues such as the Somerville Theatre, where she used to have her Birthday concerts, and in more intimate settings like the Charles Hotel. She is fun, energetic, and she can play that harp.

Deborah was at the Boston Theatre Conference this weekend and during the Playwright's Breakout, shetalked about her positive experience developing this current show at NOMTI, in their Advanced Writer's Lab. NOMTI is the New Opera and Musical Theatre Intitiative.

Here is You Tube clip of Ms. Henson-Conant with the Grand Rapids Symphony Orchestra:

(Photo Credit: Nelson Blake.)

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