Monday, August 11, 2008

48 Film Project - Best of Providence Screening!

Our film we made for the 48 Hour Film Project in Providence, Rhode Island won two awards!

Pictured at the right are our trophies for Best Sound Design and Best Special Effects. So congrats to the team!

Director Steve Stuart, Actor Tom Sprague, Amanda and I went down to represent Team Playomatic at the Best of Providence screening.

The best films from this year's 48 Hour Film Project were screened at the Columbus Theater on Broadway in Providence. It is a very old house, but a great place to have the event.
The Columbus was restored relatively recently and it has some beautiful features on the inside. (Though the restrooms aren't one of them.) There is a beautiful mural over the proscenium and portraits set into the walls on either side of the ground floor. The lobby is nicely adorned as well.

The line was long to get in, but luckily we purchased our tickets early. The place was packed out to the balcony, and the air conditioning seemed to be working overtime, but the crowd stayed enthusiastic and the proceedings moved along relatively smoothly.

Another Boston team, Bait & Tackle Productions, won awards as well.

We made a Ghost Movie in 48 hours. "Beneath the Surface" takes place at a beautiful Bed and Breakfast, where the guests think they hear somebody playing in the pool at night and the woman who owns the house keeps insisting she has two daughters, even though only one ever seems to be around. One young girl staying at the B&B keeps seeing that elusive daughter, but only in photos.

Our Director, Steve Stuart of Playomatic Productions,(pictured with me and Amanda above,) and our Director of Photography, Brad Kelly of Brad Kelly films, (pictured below setting up a key special effects shot for Beneath the Surface,) once again turned out a great effort. Congrats again to the whole team.

The Ghost in the Pool


Patrick Gabridge said...

Congrats on the awards! I found the 48FP such a blast. I'm looking forward to doing it next year. We should get together and swap stories/tips some time.

Thais said...

Congratulations! The project seem so exciting, yet so intense. I'm looking forward to watch the film whenever possible.

Anonymous said...

Encomiums to you and the crew. Have you heard of a TV movie made in 1976 called The Other? In it, there are two twins...or are there? The spectre of the other child is one of the spookiest conventions.