Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Tips for Running a Small Theatre Company

If you are going to have a live person deliver your curtain speech make sure he or she is a people person.

The House Manager, the Stage Manager or even the volunteer usher could be an alternative to a stressed out AD or Director who fixes his or her gaze on a point above the last row, and who can't get off the stage fast enough. Find the person who gives off an inviting energy, speaks comfortably in front of the crowd, makes eye contact and speaks clearly.

The live curtain speech, if you choose to have one, cannot be looked at as a formality.

It is an opportunity to let people know that what they are about to watch was not manufactured and put together on a soundstage in Los Angeles, and it was not animated by second and third teams in South Korea.

And it communicates an appreciation that they came to you. Don't underestimate the sacrifice the audience made to arrive a specified location, at a specified time, to watch what you have done for a defined period with no interruptions.

Because let's face it, in this day and age they really didn't have to..


Scott Walters said...

Hear hear! It is such an opportunity to put a face to your organization. So many theatres don't pay any attention to the experience of the patron in any part of the front-of-house: ticket windows, ticket takers, ushers, and the pre-show speech.

Sergio Freddson said...

This sounds like so much fun! My wife and I own a restaurant with a small stage. We sometimes host slam poetry nights or open mics and it's always a blast. I think we'll get a red velvet curtain like the one you posted to complete the look. Thanks for sharing your tips on running a theater with us, this was a very comprehensive article! https://www.lushescurtains.com/