Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Got the Fever

Hey, summer in Boston isn't only Mosquito Shakespeare and Charles River Chekhov anymore.

Have an avant garde itch that needs scratching and musical revues just ain't providing the cure? You can head on over the Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center this weekend for this year's installment of Whistler in the Dark's Fever Fest.

Some of Boston's most innovative companies and artists participate every year. So if you read my write up of Imaginary Beasts a few weeks ago, and said to yourself, "Man, that sounds interesting. I wish I could see that company!"

Well, the beasts are performing Gertrude Stein's Three Sisters Who Are Not Sisters.

For a sample of what you can expect, here is the description of one show:

Inspired by mythology, silent film, Supreme Court precedences, and Sesame Street, Shh! is an ensemble-created piece that will explore these questions and the complexities of freedom and repression.

Bring it on!

You can check out the details at the Whistler's Website.

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