Thursday, July 03, 2008

EW Classics for the Stage

Entertainment Weekly stakes its critical reputation on its list of the New Classics! They have chosen entertainment from 1983-2008 that they believe will stand the test of time!

Yes, they have a list of the 50 New Classics of the Stage.

It pretty much reads like they took the Pulitzer Prize winners and combined them with the Tony Award Winners and filled in the blanks here and there.

Interesting choices: Three Days of Rain and Chess. Was the first because Julia Roberts recentley did a Broadway production? Did the second sneak in because it is related to Abba in some way?


Novel said...

Hmmm...what a "popular" list, Although I do like "Three Days of Rain," I'm not sure how many of these will still be relevant or even interesting say 50 or even 25 years down the line.

Art said...

I kind of like Three Days of Rain too, but it seemed to leap out off the list as "huh?"

Novel said...