Wednesday, June 18, 2008

File Under - "Did They See the Same Show?"

Neil Labute's reasons to be pretty has opened at the MCC.

Here is Martin Crisuculo at

One thing all the characters do have in common is their blue-collar status. This is the first of LaBute's plays to be populated with working class folks, and he clearly feels for them more than he has for many of his previous creations. Whatever misgivings he may have about them, they all get a chance to show their good side. Whether it's Kent speculating that God doesn't have a master plan, or Carly illustrating the price of being beautiful (i.e., random guys following her around the supermarket), LaBute shows what to like about (or, at least sympathize with) these characters.

Here is Alexis Soloski in the Village Voice:

LaBute insists in a program note on his "profound respect for work and workers and communities who live from paycheck to paycheck," but in the play, he mocks his characters for what they eat, what they buy, and their choice of reading material. He makes most of them profoundly inarticulate, as well as blind to their true motives and emotions. One shouldn't expect characters to mimic their playwrights, or vice versa (David Mamet probably has chats without recourse to expletives), but Kent and Carly, especially, speak in voices so far from LaBute's own that it reads as contemptuous.

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