Saturday, June 21, 2008

Endings and Beginnings - Superheros are Born!

Way Theatre Artists, which has been bringing Boston some great acting and garnering very positive critical notices, including an Elliot Norton Award for The Kentucky Cycle, (a co-production with Zeitgeist Stage last fall,) is coming to an end.

Way's Founder and Producing Artistic Director Julie Ohl is preparing for her next production, Motherhood, and so she is retiring Way Theatre Artists. Congratulations to Julie on her new family and her accomplishments with Way. I remember first meeting Julie through a gathering of fringe theatre artists like 11:11 and AYTB. She has been committed to the Boston Fringe for many years and it was exciting to see her bring Way, in such a short time, to such notice.

But fear not, Julie tells us in a press release: "Way's Resident Director and Artistic Associate Greg Maraio takes the helm as Producing Artistic Director of the new Phoenix Theatre Artists."

The first project of Phoenix will be a new play to be penned by local talents Rick Park and John Kuntz. The Superheroine Monologues.

From the release:

A huge parody on female icons, campy and fun. The play will touch on the evolving roles of women from the 1940's to today. An all-female cast will participate in its development this winter, leading up to its world premiere at Boston Playwrights' Theatre in April 2009. Phoenix Theatre Artists plans to donate a portion of each ticket sale to benefit a local women's shelter.

The cast includes: Maureen Aducci, Melissa Baroni, Elizabeth Brunette, Amanda Good Hennessey, Eliza Lay, Shawna O'Brien, and Christine Power.

(Full Disclosure: I know just about everybody involved in the above release, except Supergirl.)

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