Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Critic's Secret Wish?

Joe Adcock is leaving the Seattle Post Intelligencer after 26 years. John Logenbaugh, writing for the Seattle Weekly, interviewed Adcock about his exit. Here is the end of the interview, which actually is a little bit moving:

At the end of our interview, I pitch Adcock a softball—call it professional courtesy. I ask if he had a parting wish for Seattle theater on his way out the door. "My wish would be that on January 1st next year, every adult in Seattle would make a resolution to see one play a month," he laughs. "Because I don't think they know what they're missing."

Then there's a long pause. Adcock looks down at his hands, and when he looks up, to my surprise, his eyes are red and his voice quavers a bit. "There's something really poignant to me about so many artists trying so hard and getting so little for it," he says. "When you see people in the theater lobby and you think, 'I saw them on stage! And they were good!' But good and a career are very different." He pauses again. "My wish would be that they could all have jobs
doing what they do well. That's the most troubling thing for me, people throwing themselves like moths at something that is pretty unforgiving, even damaging." He looks down again, then up at me with a sad smile. "I know it doesn't make much sense for me to say I wish they'd all have jobs. But I do."

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