Tuesday, June 03, 2008

All Hail the New Creative Economy Czar!

Governor Patrick has appointed 32 year old Jason Schubach to a new, "first in the nation," position of Director of Creative Economy. Here is the Boston Globe Article:

Schupbach, who last worked as director of ArtistLink in Boston, which helps create and preserve affordable space for Massachusetts artists, said he will do what other industry directors do: connect clients to resources to help them grow and prosper. In the case of the creative sector, for example, many organizations view themselves as artists, not businesses, and don't realize they're eligible for some of the same programs - from tax breaks to workforce-training programs - as other companies.

"A strong creative economy translates into a strong overall
economy," Schupbach said. "These are innovators, the cutting edge."

The cost of this new effort, including Schupbach's salary of about
$70,000 a year, won't require additional money. It will be covered within the business development office's existing budget, said Kofi Jones, spokeswoman for the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development.

The article doesn't provide a link, but you can read more about Richard Florida and the "Creative Class," here.

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Megan Whilden, City of Pittsfield Cultural Development Director said...

Jason Schupbach is a terrific choice for the position: someone who knows and understands both the creative sector and the economic development sector. Thank you Governor Patrick for this bold, proactive move!