Sunday, May 04, 2008

Nicholas Martin - Says Bye to Boston

The Globe has a very honest interview with Nicholas Martin who will be leaving the Huntington Theatre Company at the end of this season,

Here is just a snippet:

MARTIN:What I'm getting to here is what [the Huntington] used to do is schedule a season, an August Wilson and a classic Shakespeare and a Restoration play and an American classic and you know, fairly programmatic. But I don't think enough attention was paid to the actors, and particularly to the Boston community, which was never let in here as far as I know. That's another thing I'm proud of, having used [BU] students in big parts frequently and opening this theater to the Boston acting community, which was substantial but not complete by any means.

Q. What do you mean when you say it's better but not complete?

MARTIN.The really, really good young people - you can have them when they're just in college and just after. They're quite right, they go to New York. I don't blame them, they have to make a living. A really hot theater town - which Boston wants to be so badly and may be someday but really isn't yet, if I may say so - in a really hot theater town, a good actor can earn his living doing theater. And when [celebrated local actor] Nancy Carroll has to work a day job, that's just wrong.

Q. Have budget changes over the years affected your vision?

MARTIN.Until now, the production budgets have never been cut in any way. On the other hand, a lot of staff has necessarily been cut, which makes existing staff work very, very hard. . . . I don't mean we're hurting badly, either, but the single ticket has become the event. [The purchase of a] subscription by and large is over.

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