Friday, May 23, 2008

Boston Theatre - Friday Roundup

If you are looking for theatre this weekend, there is plenty to choose from:

Last Chance:

Ryan Landry's spoof of the Wizard of Oz closes this weekend. If you can work and angle and get tickets somehow, I don't think you will be disappointed. Whizzin' plays at Machine through the weekend.

The National Theatre of Allston, (what a great name,) continues their short works evening at the Boston Playwright's Theatre.


She Loves Me, Nicholas Martin's big sendoff is getting big buzz and great word of mouth. (I have yet to see it.) The Globe, The Hubreview, and the Herald have their takes already.


A ghostly, glamourous mom continues haunting her three dysfunctional daughters (one of them is my wife!) in Way Theatre Artists production of The Memory of Water at the Boston Center for the Arts. The Globe, Metro and Bay Windows have reviews.

The History Boys, Alan Bennet's hit play about teaching to the test continues at Speakeasy Stage. Reviews are here, here, here, here and here.

Oscar Wilde holds court at the Lyric stage in the comic Masterpiece, The Importance of Being Earnest. Brian Jewell, Thomas Garvey, Louise Kennedy, The Phoenix and Edge Boston all have their say.

Paper continues to be manipulated on the Wimberly Stage. Ennio runs through next week. Louise Kennedy, Thomas Garvey and Edge Boston weigh in.

Charles Mee and Stephen Greenblatt's Cardenio continues at the American Repertory Theatre. Louise Kennedy reviews in the Globe, Carolyn Clay in the Phoenix, and Kilian Melloy in the Edge.

Speaking of Shakespeare... The Bard's political potboiler, King John, is up at Actors Shakespeare Project. Reviews are here, here , here and here.

Stoneham Theatre still plays host to Jack Neary's gossiping North Shoar girls.
Terry Byrne reviews here.

Limited Engagement:

At the Griffen Theatre in Salem tonight and tomorrow only, Inspired, A conversation with Nathaniel Hawthorne.

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