Wednesday, April 09, 2008

What Can Ail A Critic

Critic and Playgoer Larry Stark has faced some physical setbacks in the past few years, but he recentley found that a serious cold had rendered him hard of hearing through a serious fluid build-up. He saw an ear doctor, who was able to help him help him out, but the experience reminds him and us that you don't just see plays, you hear them:

But I will admit that when he said he could give me my hearing back I burst rather embarrassingly into tears, admitting that I had not, till then, let myself know how incredibly sincerely I missed hearing.

"I will hear that play," insists Theseus, and I can once again agree with him. There are actors who can make two or three decks of eager auditors stop breathing to catch their whispers; for me that stopped when I heard my head-cold draw, as it were, across first one ear, then the other, a muffling curtain that made such subtleties impossible. Still, hearing plays is What I Do, isn't it?

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Lis Riba said...

I'm reminded of a college professor's comments on the distinction between an audience and spectators -- focusing on the linguistic roots of the words...