Friday, April 18, 2008

Rachel Corrie and Context

For those interested in the issue of political plays and the idea of theatre companies presenting them in a contextualized setting, check out Thom Garvey's post today.

Garvey interviews Meron Langsner, playwright in residence and coordinator of talkbacks and panel discussions around the New Repertory's presentation of Rachel Corrie and Pieces.

Here is Langsner's response to the question of how the authors of Rachel Corrie seem to eschew certain episodes in the protaganists life:

This question is perhaps the most difficult. I can't know or fully understand the motivations of the plays' editors. I agree that the edits appear politically motivated, and I disagree with the position that those edits appear to espouse. But if the dramaturgical task they set themselves was to create a sympathetic Rachel, they succeeded. I would in fact argue that they were not trying to create a play about a political agitator. We never experience the character of Rachel as aggressive, because the structure of the play would not support it.

There's much more.

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