Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Have You Seen These Puppets?

Local artist Ian Thal is asking for help identifying two puppets he has acquired:

You can help him out here.

He is trying to figure out what they represent and their cultural origins.

He has some leads, but they remain elusive.


Sarah McL said...

Do you mean he's trying to figure out where the puppets came from, what kind of puppets they are, who made the puppets, or have the puppets been stolen? So confused.

Art said...

Hi Sarah,

He is trying to figure out what the puppets represent. And the cultural origin. i.e. Balinese or Indian, etc.

He explains better on his site.

Ian Thal said...

I've known pretty much from the beginning that they are Javanese and they represent figures from one of the Hindu epics (most likely the Mahabharata.) However there are a lot of issues involved that make it hard for a non-expert like myself to interpret the characters.

Art's friend, Tim, has helped me solve the problem of red figure-- who appears to be the Indonesian Baladewa (known in India as Balarama)the brother of Krishna. The blue figure is still a mystery-- though Tim offered several suggestions.