Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Don't Trust the Gates

Richard Greenberg on his new play:

"The Injured Party" opens in Manhattan in early 2005, when Christo's highly publicized art project, "The Gates," was installed temporarily in Central Park. Everyone predicted a tidal wave of smart-alecky Big Apple naysayers, but New Yorkers were uncharacteristically kind to the hundreds of orange fabric-festooned portals that lined the park's walkways.

The response seemed to Greenberg "like a knee jerk transfiguration. I'm always suspicious when everyone is having the same epiphany; I was suspicious of that beatific expression I saw."

Just as the simplicity of peoples' reaction to "The Gates" infuriates Seth,(the play's protaganist,) Greenberg, too, is wary of art that seeks to soothe or placate its audience or is too at ease with itself. At this point in his career, Greenberg says, he is intent on avoiding his comfort zone.

"I have this theory of plays. I always thinking that writing is the unsuccessful attempt to sound and be unlike yourself. It's the attempt to flee.

He also talks of his relationship with South Coast Repertory, a theatre that has commissioned some of his most successful plays.


Thomas Garvey said...

This is the Richard Greenberg of Take Me Out and Three Days of Rain - i.e., of hot naked guys in the shower, and Julia Roberts?

Who exactly does he think he is kidding?

Art said...

Don't forget Appian Way and The Violet Hour!

Thomas Garvey said...

Yeah, well maybe Christo shouldn't be judged by just "The Gates," either.