Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Boston Theatre - What's Going On

Lots actually:

Rough and Tumble returns to Boston Theatre scene with new production called An Ocean of Air : "This is the story of airship captain Hugo Eckener's 1929 attempt to fly a zeppelin -- full of passengers, airmail, and a gift for the emperor of Japan -- around the world."

If you have never seen a Rough and Tumble show, go down to the Piano Factory and check them out, they have a great aesthetic and big heart to their work. And they offer a guarantee!

Whistler in the Dark opens their latest production from the oeuvre of English playwright Howard Barker. A Hard Heart bows at the Arsenal Center for the Arts.

Sinan Unuel's play The Cry of the Reed opens this weekend at the Wimberly Theatre.

Actors Shakespeare Project continues its magic castle Tempest with Alvin Epstein at the Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center.

Edward Albee's excorcism of his feelings about his adoptive mother continues at the Lyric Stage.

Elections and Erections brings Pieter-Dirk Uys' ruminations on South African politics to the stage at Zero Arrow Street.

At Apollinaire Theatre in Chelsea you can watch the demented antics of the sister Jackie O in the play House of Yes. (I have to admit, the postcard is mesmerizing. Mrs. Mirror and I have it in the house and guests have found themselves drawn to it as well.)

The Publick does their winter indoor show at the BCA. Last year was Design for Living. This year is Tom Stoppard's Travesties.

For something offbeat check out username:FAUST at the New Harvard College Theatre: The synopsis goes:username: "FAUST tells the story of an isolated woman's attempt to gain popularity by remaking herself as an Internet celebrity. When a demonic tech support team jeopardizes her password-protected existence, she must overcome digital distortions to regain control of her life." And it promises, "This modern adaptation of the Faust legend will thrill everyone from opera fans to YouTube junkies. "

A little something for everybody.

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