Thursday, April 24, 2008

Blogger Monitoring Content?

I went to click on a couple of blogger sites over the last few months and have been met with a message that the site may contain objectionable content.

I then have to click to consent to proceed.

These are theatre blogs that I read all the time. And though sometimes the bloggers curse, (mostly for effect,) and they may link to some risque material, it it seems strange that Blogger is now going to start doing this policing for us.

Anybody else experience this?

UPDATE: Apparently this is a feature that a individual blogger turns on and off, it is not something Blogger is doing.


George Hunka said...

Pray tell, Art, which sites are you talking about?

Art said...

The latest was

Thom Garvey's Hub Review, just today.

The strange thing is, it only happened once with each. Even if I erase my cookies and start again.

GeorgeHunka said...

Just happened with me as well. Thank heavens for these corporations and their content policies; god knows what our children would turn into if it weren't for them.

Art said...


They might see a review of Blithe Spirit at Trinity Rep!

Thomas Garvey said...

Calm down, everybody, at least about Hub Review - I put the warning up myself due to some NC-17 antics in a video I posted from Fresh Fruit. Just to head off any complaints (I myself thought the money shot was a bit much!). I'll take it down when Fresh Fruit have moved on and the video's gone.

- Tom

Thomas Garvey said...

And at any rate, plenty of people in this town find my blog objectionable! ;-)

- Tom

Art said...

Thanks for the clarification, Thom,
I'll update my post.