Thursday, March 27, 2008

SlamBoston - A New Twist on The Ten Minute Play Festival

Brian Jewell has an interview with Lyralen Kaye in Bay Windows. If you haven't been to a Slam Boston play festival yet, you should check it out.

One thing many ten-minute play festivals run into is the creative way writers try to interpret ten minutes. For instance: the script is about ten to twelve pages long, but each character has large, paragraph sized chunks of dialogue. The play goes into rehearsal and suddenly it is apparent the play is really fifteen to twenty minutes long.

Now, the actors and the director can play fast and loose as well. A short and sweet script that is about 8 minutes on the page, can suddenly stretch to 18 minutes with long dramatic pauses and lots of stage business.

Well, not anymore:

An idea whose time has come?

Check out the Slam Boston this Tuesday, April 1st.

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