Thursday, March 27, 2008

Geoff Edgers reports in the Globe about the Boston Ballet's complete exodus from the Wang Theatre (Citi Performing Arts Center.) They will be performing all their season at the Opera House going forward.

Here is the word from the bridge of the CitiCenter:

Josiah Spaulding Jr., president and chief executive of the Citi Center, said yesterday he was disappointed the ballet opted for the Opera House, but that he had tried to negotiate a new deal.

He said he offered to present "The Nutcracker" every other year, allowing him to also hold other holiday shows. In recent years, the Citi Center has produced a version of "Irving Berlin's White Christmas," alternating it with the Radio City show.

Spaulding said the ballet's decision to leave after next season will allow him to bring in potentially more profitable performances.

"There have been many shows that the Citi Center has turned down to support its resident companies," he said.

Just about sums it all up doesn't it?

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Thomas Garvey said...

The fly in the ointment for Boston Ballet is that the Opera House stage is simply smaller than the CitiCenter stage, and as a result, "The Nutcracker," and possibly other productions, will be slightly cramped. On the other hand, the Opera House has somewhat better acoustics than Citicenter. Still, the real loser in the deal would seem to be CitiCenter; it's not really "home" to anything anymore. Of course maybe there are more one- or two-night concert deals out there to be tapped now that the Ballet has vacated a few key weekends; but I'm not sure there are that many touring shows out there to make up the difference.