Tuesday, February 12, 2008

This Valentines Day - Love Lies Bleeding

No, that's not a teaser line for a new action movie.

Novelist Don Delillo's latest play, Love-Lies-Bleeding, produced to some acclaim by Chicago's Steppenwolf theatre is receiving its premiere here in Boston by Way Theatre Artists.

Way was a co-producer with Zeitgeist Stage last fall on The Kentucky Cycle.

Delillo's last play seen here in Boston was Valparaiso in 1999 which tapped into the enormously rabid talk show culture that was gripping the country. (Strangely enough, it may have gained in relevance since then.)

This time Delillo has trained his eye on end of life issues. Think Terri Schiavo, although Delillo has stated that the play is written to isolate the decision to the family members, rather than expand it to the national political arena. (And the Schiavo incident actually leapt onto the national stage after this play was completed.)

The play runs at the Boston Playwrights Theatre for two weeks only.

It was originally written as a part of the Kennedy Center's Fund for New American Plays

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