Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Put Your Money Where Your Blue Cross Is?

The New York Times Blog Reader's Room is discussing Tracy Lett's August: Osage County, complete with posts from Frank Rich and Marsha Norman. (Hat Tip to Rob Kowzlowski.)

Within the comments section, (yes, they allow comments,) is this statement by Jeffrey Sweet in response to Marsha Norman's observation that one way August is important is that it seems the pinnacle of the playwright company relationship:
I’d like to suggest pushing the relationship between playwright and
company one step further. In no company that I know is the playwright covered by health insurance unless that playwright also happens to serve another function in the company. If the American theatre wants to prove that it really cares about the playwright, some scheme for covering the dramatists’ insurance needs
should be created. It’s fine to offer mission statements about serving the American playwright, but when the playwright is the only person affiliated with a company who is not provided with such coverage, the mission statements strike me as a little hollow.

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