Friday, February 08, 2008

Cowardly Lion Versus the Flu

Hi loyal readers.

I am slowly recovering from a virus or something that came in and knocked me flat. Started with a runny nose, proceeded to a cough, and before I knew what hit me I was in bed for almost two days straight.

I'm about 60% today and catching up on the day job.

Shortly after my last post I got to play the Cowardly Lion in a commercial! (Pictures will be up, I promise.)

I learned that doing the kick ball chain while you are off to see the wizard may look like a lots of fun, but when you are wearing a prosthetic lion mouth and sweating underneath lights in a fur suit it can feel a little like work too. I did have a great time with several friends on the shoot, and the makeup and costumes were fantastic.

We even replicated the famous "And you were there and you were there..." scene.

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grammyrgd said...

This loyal reader eagerly awaiting the photos. Glad to read you are felling better.