Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Boston Theatre - IRNE Question -What's New?

The IRNE Nominations are out for this year!

Congrats to all the nominees. See the complete lists here.

I noticed one puzzling thing on this year's nominations so I sent to following e-mail to Larry Stark at the Theatermirror:

Hi Larry,

I was looking over the IRNE nominations for this year and I had a question about the criteria for the category of New Plays.

This has, by the way, nothing to do with the playwrights or the quality of the nominated works. In the category for Best New Play (Small Company) Christopher Shinn's play Dying City is nominated. In the Large Company division, Ronan Noone's The Atheist is nominated.

Dying City premiered at the Royal Court in London in 2006 and then had a subsequent production at Lincoln Center in New York.

The Atheist, while certainly developed locally at The Huntington, premiered in New York City, Off-Broadway in November of 2006.

I had always assumed that New Plays were classified as those receiving their world premiere or first full production in Boston. Or that they could be involved in something like the National New Play Network so that if they received their first production at a sister theatre in another city, the local co-production would count. Also, I know that plays that may have appeared in a festival setting like The New York Fringe, but then played a full, couple of weeks, run here locally could count.

There is no doubt that these are "New" plays, but what is the defining criteria? Or is does it go on a year to year basis?


Art Hennessey


Any other IRNE committee members who read this please feel free to comment as well.

Once again, these are both fine plays by fine playwrights, that is not the question.

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Scott Walters said...

Now there's a way for regional theatres to be seen as committed to new plays: define "new" to mean "any play that's kinda recent that I haven't seen yet." Perfect!