Sunday, February 10, 2008

If Chicagoans Want Some Male Nudity, Boston's Had Plenty

Here in Boston, the BCA has been like a Male Burlesque palace lately.

So check out this story in Chicago about how the nude scene in Douglas Carter Beane's The Little Dog Laughed, (a play being presented locally in Boston by Speakeasy Stage,) was played in underwear rather than fully nude as it is scripted. This was much to the dismay of the playwright it seems. But the director claims the playwright was fine with it in discussions they had previous to the production.

The playwright explains why he would not have agreed to it:

“It’s a crucial moment in the play. These two characters have been denying they’re gay for pages and pages,” Beane says. In the scene, said actor and the rent boy he ordered the night before strip down and get ready to pounce one another just as the actor’s piranha agent, Diane, interrupts them and immediately begins damage control on the client she desperately needs to be hetero.

When Little Dog opened in New York a year ago, the character of Diane was hailed by critics as the juiciest female comic role that had been written for the stage in ages, an embodiment of Hollywood’s cannibalistic PR practices. “[Removing the nudity] changes everything about Diane,” Beane says. “It makes her less ferocious. If she’s willing to break up something when both
of them are naked, she’ll do anything.”

Hat Tip to Storefront Rebellion, who has been blogging the story very closely.

Yet another Chicago Blogger points out the following strange fact regarding About Face Theatre, the producer of Little Dog:

What's particularly mind-boggling about this whole affair is that About Face Theatre produced Richard Greenberg's Take Me Out in the 04-05 season at the Steppenwolf Upstairs, a production that featured - as I'm sure it specified in the script -
a bunch of completely naked men showering in the locker room.

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