Wednesday, January 30, 2008

R&D, Risk, and the Enterprise

Christine Evans: a Providence based playwright, and an Aussie transplant makes a very interesting observation:

My larger point: The ratio of risk to finances in theatre is amazingly
skewed towards the smaller, poorer, houses doing the R&D and the larger places then scooping the pool for commercial product. It wouldn’t fly in science or technology, where R&D is seen as essential to the future and ongoing life of the enterprise. Maybe that’s why we have such excellent bombs and such dismal theatre in this country. (Hang on, maybe there’s a connection between dinosaur theatre and lack of investment in experiment? )

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Scott Walters said...

I think she is making a great point. I read quite a few business books, and the emphasis on innovation and creativity is amazing, even compared to theatre. In many ways, theatre is ultra-conservative, and this shows up in our lack of R & D. Theatre follows the major league baseball model of "bringing up" the minor leaguers when they are "ready for the big leagues." Except baseball teams actually pay for those minor league teams, rather than just robbing them. Anyway, all I know is that Tom Peters is way more focused on innovation than any artist I know...