Thursday, January 24, 2008

Playwriting Do's And Don'ts

Do Give Yourself An Assignment Every Now and Again: "I am going to write a play with 20 characters." " I am going to write a one person show." "I am going to write a whole play this weekend." " I am going to write a play with no words." "I am going to write a play that can't possibly be produced."

Don't Confuse Some of Your Assignments With Actual Plays. People don't pay money or take time out of their evenings to watch pianists and violinists play scales. People don't pack stadiums and pay money to watch NFL players hit the sled or run patterns for three hours. They may take a tour to see spring training, or they may watch a master class where a young musician plays under the tutelage of mentor. But people expect a difference between the classroom and the concert hall, and between two-a-days and gamedays.

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