Friday, January 18, 2008

Boston Theatre - You Can't Fight Citi Center!

It lives. It grows larger and more powerful everyday. Soon it will be operational. Even the Massachesetts Cultural Council cannot withstand its pull. The following is from Geoff Edgers in the Globe:

The Massachusetts Cultural Council voted this week to release a $60,400 grant to the Citi Performing Arts Center that had been tabled last year after questions were raised about the Citi Center's cutbacks to its free Shakespeare on the Common program and its decision to pay a $1.2 million bonus to its president and chief operating officer, Josiah Spaulding Jr., despite the organization's financial struggles.

Anita Walker, the MCC's executive director, said that the grant was freed up after the Citi Center presented additional information to the agency, including the results of a recent audit of its financial books and an outline of programs it hoped to present this year.

In December, the attorney general's office completed an inquiry of the Citi Center, stating that while there were a few "weaknesses and lapses" in the organization's procedures, the Citi Center's establishment of Spaulding's compensation was "generally consistent with what we would expect of our public charities."

Walker said that the report carried weight with the MCC.

"It was important," she said. "We decided to wait until there was a report out of the attorney general's office before we moved forward on this."

Local Arts Writer Joel Brown blogged about the Attorney General report and the absurd finding that the CPAC "is generally consistent with what we would expect of public charities:

Well, the real punchline of today's article is that the CPAC will most likely be getting their massive payday of $600,000.00 from the Cultural Facilities Fund.

It looks like the Boston Foundation would approvingly tell us that there is an option apart from just dying off...

You can merge with the CPAC.

Hey Ian, Is there any Kool Aid left?

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