Sunday, January 13, 2008

Boston Theatre - Buy Local!

I really enjoyed seeing three of Boston's best actors in Copenhagen at the American Rep last week. It is strange to think that is John Kuntz's first performance at the ART, (Will Lebow and Karen MacDonald are regular performers there.) You can read John Kuntz's thoughts on the process of portraying Werner Heisenberg and his thoughts on his debut at the Loeb Mainstage on the ART Blog.

For those loyal readers of the Mirror up to Nature who may not venture into other areas of the theatrical blogosphere, I would like to point you to an ongoing discussion about regional acting styles and the eternal argument of hiring local actors versus hiring out of town talent.

Isaac at Parabasis started the discussion with the following two posts:

The Necissity of Actors

Think Theatrically, Hire Locally?

Scott Walters followed up with his post:

Changing Direction of the Wind

Kris Vire a Chicago Blogger at Storefront Rebellion gave his thoughts:

Actors! We've got actors! No, really, we do.


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