Thursday, November 15, 2007

Boston Theatre Artists - Today is the The Deadline

Just a public service announcement to fellow Boston Theatre Artists who are freelancing or cobbling a living together from multiple part time jobs that provide no benefits.

After today, having no health insurance in Massachusetts is NOT an option.

November 15th is the deadline to avoid a $200.00 penalty on your state income tax.

If your yearly income is $31,000.00 or under you can qualify for a subsidized plan.

Up until even this week it is amazing how many freelance artists I meet who are completely unaware of the mandate. So this is just a friendly bulletin.

Of course, the $200.00 penalty pales in comparison to the cost of some of the plan options if you make over the $31,000.00. For instance, if my employer decided to drop health insurance as a benefit right now, my expenses would go up about 3-4K a year. (My employer covers a portion.)

For those in Stagesource, you may want to look at their health plans which, at last look, seem as reasonable as those in the MA Connector.

At any rate, get familiar with the MA Commonwealth Connector website. Or call them.

Any David Hare type playwrights in Massachusetts? Start sharpening your pencils and you could come up with a play with about this experiment in Health Care.

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