Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Bernice Snell will stop at nothing to rise to top rank of architects in the country. With a vicious, bullying leadership style, (and a little help from her perscription drugs.) she pushes a new cathedral to its completion,

Bernice is hard-assed, foul-mouthed, brow-beating and...a nun!

When a timid, art school drop-out, Charlotte shows up looking for a job, it seems like Bernice has a new victim to terrorize. But Charlotte may have just the thing that the good Sister needs...

The perfect mural!

Sister Snell by Mark Troy (Directed by me and Starring Ebony A. Mills, Leeta White, and Kara Dunne,) is just one of the short plays on the bill at the SLAMBoston this coming Tuesday, November 13th at the Boston Center for the Arts.

The evening's offerings includes a play by Writing Life x3 blogger and playwright Patrick Gabridge.

The Slam is a co-production of Another Country and Company One.

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Don Foley said...

Great job on Sister Snell!