Thursday, October 11, 2007

West End Theater in Gloucester - Watch Out!

Or so says Brendan Kiley of Seattle's Stranger.

More precisely he warns every theatre with the call letters of WET, because it seems the Womens Expressive Theater in New York City has laywered up in a gallant cause to protect their precious acronym.

Their first target is the young Washington Ensemle Theatre in Seattle. A very hot company right now.

At the end of the article, Kiley warns:

One interesting thing to note about Women's Expressive Theater is their proud display of Quest Magazine's issue about the next Generation of Philanthropy. The founders of Women's Expressive Theatre are listed in the Quest 400. But look at the cover photo of the magazine, over which WET has, I assume, strategically placed the pull quote boxing of their article.

The unobscured cover photo is in a small image at right, but you can see it larger through this link.

Three babes in slinky numbers, holding back a rugged looking canvas bag marked "FEED." The accompanying photo shoot for the article, worthy of Supermodels Personals Blog goes a long way to enhancing the WET's mission of "producing media that challenges female stereotypes." (As a side note, the babes are some of the regulars on the New York Society pages, Minnie Mortimer, Lauren Bush, and Amanda Hearst.)

The article accompanying the babe shots says the following about WET: "They teach girls how to look at the media with a critical eye and to take smart risks."

Why are they so darn possessive over their acronym you ask? Well, it seems they want to own the acronym because of its allusion to pornographic descriptions of women.

This from a 2005 Gothamist interview with Women's Expressive Theatre founders Sasha Eden and Victoria Pettibone:

Sasha:...So in the world of WET, it's a woman's world that a man gets to come and play in.

Interviewer: Speaking of that acronym, do you ever find that calling
yourself what some people might call such a provocative moniker gets in the way of your purpose? Gives people the wrong idea? Makes people think that you're doing ….

Sasha: That we're porno producers?

Interviewer: Well, that's one possibility. But no. Are you ever
concerned with giving the wrong idea to some people? Are you worried that of all things your company name could potentially scare people (and sponsors) off?

Victoria: We appreciate that it starts discussion no matter what that discussion turns out to be because it opens up a door that I think no other name that I've come across does quite that way. And that's what we're trying to do – open that thought and open that discussion, and if somebody has a negative response, well that's really valuable so let's talk about what that's about. Ultimately we have a sense of humor about it, so if somebody really gets upset, it's like, Lighten up.

So lighten up everybody! Except, of course, Washington Theatre Ensemble...We'll see your ass in court!!!

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