Monday, September 10, 2007

Theatre Season Well Underway - Mirror Behind Already

Boston's Theatre Season is swinging all ready. Streetcar Named Desire, Psychosis 4:48, The English Channel, Zana Don't, 11:11's Newest Production, Opera's at the ART....etc.

I have seen exactly none! I really have tried, but between moving, teaching classes and working on several big bid projects at work, time is really tight.

And, making things more difficult, we got in a accident with the Mirrormobile last week. (Everybody is fine, but the car is in the shop for a week or so.)

This morning I was taking the 90 Bus to Wellington Station to get a ride with a coworker and the Bus hit a parked pickup truck near Broadway in Somerville. We all had to get out and walk to Sullivan Station.

For Bostonians: Never park near T bus lanes on the streets. I have seen 3 accidents like this in my years of riding the T. Basically, the T driver jogs into the bus lane too quickly and scrapes/smashes the legally parked car.

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