Thursday, September 13, 2007

Citi Performing Arts Center - Feeling a Draft

On the bus yesterday, (my car is still in the shop,) I read the Geoff Edgers piece about the new cultural facilities fund giving out grants to arts organizations.

60 Arts and cultural organizations will be receiving grants to help upgrade facilities and infrastructure. Here is a link to the press release from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, along with a listing of awards.

Theatre-related groups receiving grants include Riverside Theaterworks, Shakespeare and Company and Double Edge Theatre.

The Citi Performing Arts Center is noticeably absent. Thomas Garvey at hub review has some thoughts here.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure the list of organizations that did not get grants is just as long as the list of those who did. I agree that Citi Center needs to shape up, but all this chatter is making a mountain out of a mole hill.

Art said...

Hi anon,

Thanks for commenting.

It is true that 203 organizations applied and only 60 got awards.

But 63 were RECOMMENDED for the award and CPAC was one of them. So only three of the 63 recommended did not get the grant.

To go further: Edgers article includes the following:

Robert L. Culver, president and chief executive of MassDevelopment, said that the fund's review panels, which included members of MassDevelopment and appointees by the governor, made a special effort to distribute grants to organizations of different sizes across the state. He said that the Citi Center grant, which would have been used to update the fire alarm systems at the Shubert Theatre and add accessible bathrooms at the Wang Theatre, was tabled because of concerns over the Citi Center's spending practices.

"If there are such questions out there, we said, let's just suspend judgment until we find out if where there's smoke, there's fire," Culver said, adding that there is a chance the grant could be approved later this year.

So this really isn't a case of speculation. The holding back of the grant is DIRECTLY related to the recent issues at CPAC.

I am interested in your comment though. What is your definition of "shape up"?

And do you think, by what the Citi Board has demonstrated already, that if there was no chatter they would shape up?