Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Boston Theatre Coverage - Up Close and Personal

Larry Stark at Theatermirror is running a little experiment. He is checking the Globe every day for the month of September to see just how much theatre is covered and how.

He breaks down how many pages are in the edition, what the sections are, etc. He expected the results to be bad, but...

Okay, that left the section called

LIVING / Arts 8 pages

Which was the one serious reason for my months subscription to The GLOBE, and I fell on it eager to see, on this Saturday before the Labor Day weekend, how Boston's most important newspaper covered the world of live theater.

And I learned that in all the eight pages, the GLOBE never even
mentioned the word "theatre" once.

Not even once.....

There were, though a quarter-page "Music Review" of her Bank of America Pavillion concert given two nights previously by Hilary Duff (with a photo, not from the Boston concert but an earlier New York State appearance), and a feature review of an apparently significant art-house film called "Halloween" which Globe Corresponent (that's GLOBEspeak for "stringer") Tom Russo yawned tepidly at, while Globe Staff writer Mark Shanahan swooned over the seamanship of
someone called Geraldo Rivera, and another Globe Correspondent (Kathleen McKenna) covered LIVING, I assume (not ART, surely!) by focusing on a children's coloring-book of drawings of Red Sox players, in action.

Still, I wish The GLOBE would be honest about the section, and
call it "Living / MOVIES";


Fliers and brochures have come into my mailbox from Boston's theater "Biggies" (Huntington, A.R.T., Lyric, New Rep, SpeakEasy) and e-mails from many smaller companies --- all announcing seasons. People in the past five years and more have been Coming In To Boston because they think it's a good place to do live theater. There were three or four "fringe festivals" of new plays around the end of the summer. I expect to see
FOURTEEN plays in just the next two weeks.

But of course, since not one of them has sprocket-holes, the GLOBE
doesn't know any of them exist.

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Todd Williams said...

The Globe's Fall Arts Preview is due out this weekend... which is more or less the kick-off of the Globe's seasonal Theatre coverage. But your right. I see absolutely no reason to buy a Sunday Globe anymore. I'll read what little there is left online.