Thursday, August 16, 2007

Rhode Island Gets TV and Actors Go Ga Ga

The Globe today has a story about how the Showtime series Brotherhood has brought well paying gigs for Boston-based actors who are fortunate enough to land regular supporting roles for the Providence, Rhode Island-based shoot:

That's a welcome boost to a life that can be challenging, financially
and logistically. Roles in local theater productions generally pay poorly; one "Brotherhood" actress said she tends to get $300 or $400 a week for stage work. Many actors teach, or find side jobs to pay the bills, or cobble together a living making commercials and corporate videos. Many leave town for regular work. Tom Kemp, who plays a morally-compromised union rep named Marty Trio on
"Brotherhood," leaves his home in Milton for five months every year, to rent a room in a friend's house in Los Angeles and play roles on TV series.

For a union actor, a speaking part in a film or TV show like
"Brotherhood" pays a standard fee -- about $750 per day, before overtime. Now, between "Brotherhood" and a leading role on the never-aired CBS series "Waterfront" -- which filmed several episodes in Providence last year before production shut down -- Kemp has been able to spend more time at home. In his living room in Milton, he has been training local stage actors to hone their auditions for film and TV. ("Be. Don't show me. Just be," he says, meaning, You
don't have to project big emotion with a camera in your face.)

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