Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Life of a Sometimes Actor

A Day Not Too Long Ago:

10:58 AM

Cell Phone Rings and I answer, "Hello?"

"Art are you available for a commercial this afternoon. It's at the beach."

"Sure, wait, where is it?"

"Marblehead. Around 2:00"

"Yeah, I'm not at home, but I could get there."

They give me the road the beach is on. I ask about costumes, (good thing I did,) and they tell me to bring beach attire, flowered shirt, flip flops, bathing suit. I hang up and look at the clock. I have several things that need to be done, but I need to start heading there by 12:30 at the latest.

Of course, things take much longer than I think and I don't have time to go home, so I swing into a Wal-Mart along the way! They have a remarkably thin summer clearance section, but I race through the racks, pulling a few cheap things off. When I leave the store I have about 45 minutes.

The traffic is blissfully light, I arrive right on time at the beach. The director makes a quick choice on the options I brought. Make-up is applied and I stand with another male actor, leaning against an suv parked on the dunes, while they film us delivering our lines a couple dozen times.

A girl in an outfit that leaves very little to the imagination walks through the foreground of the shot. We lecherously watch her pass by and I get to utter my set-up line. To which my partner replies with the punchline.

By 3:30PM I am done. By 4:00 I am back in the rythym of the day as I had originally planned. By ten-thirty at night I have sent the invoice.

Two flowered beach shirts, seven dollars each.

Bathing suit, five dollars.

Flip flops six dollars.

A couple of beach hats, $2.50 each.

The chance, (for an hour and half,) to be paid to look like a comical middle-aged beach bum ogling a hot chick ...priceless.

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