Monday, August 27, 2007

Citi Scrutiny Bumps Up To A New Level

The Citi Center for the Performing Arts is being looked at by Attonrney General Martha Coakley. And she's not the only one.

This from the story in the Globe:

Coakley's office isn't alone in questioning the operations of the center,
which last year paid its president, Josiah Spaulding Jr., a $1.2 million bonus despite years of budget deficits and a recent decision to cut the run of the organization's popular, free production of Shakespeare on the Boston Common from three weeks to one.

State Senator Jack Hart of South Boston, whose sponsorship led in part to $350,000 in state allocations to the Center in each
of the last two years, said he was disturbed by the recent Globe reports, particularly to hear of the decision to pay Spaulding the bonus for completing his contract."I'm concerned that the money that we are spending, and the money I advocated for, is being spent inappropriately," Hart said. "If it's being spent inappropriately, then we have a real problem."

This week, the board of the Massachusetts Cultural Council, which has provided the Citi Center with more than $1 million since 1989, voted to require that leaders provide more information about the organization's finances and programs before receiving a $60,400 grant the council allocated for this year.

"I think it's fully appropriate that if questions and concerns are raised around an organization we are funding, we want to make certain the public has confidence in our investment of tax dollars," said Anita Walker, the MCC's executive director.

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