Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Theatre Rests in the Summer?

Todd Williams at the Huntington Blog gives a little inside look at what really goes on during the "darkness" of the summer season at a major regional theatre:

Meanwhile my staff, who have also been getting some much deserved R&R, will be working away on The 39 Steps. By the time I'm able to post again we should have some construction photos to show you. I can't believe rehearsals start in about FIVE WEEKS!

We've got prelim drawings for Brendan due any day now, as well as a design visit from Streamers director Scott Ellis and scenic designer Neil Patel with the set model.

Somewhere in there I'll chat with scenic designer Ralph Funicello (The Cherry Orchard) who will be designing our sets for Third. I'll be wrapping up details for Shining City which is coming to us from our
friends at
The Goodman Theatre in Chicago, directed by Robert Falls, with the New York physical production designed by Santo Loquasto, Kaye Voyce, Chris Akerlind and Obediah Eaves. The Cry of the Reed and She Loves Me will have to wait for some of my time in August. Nicky is off to Williamstown very soon to direct The Corn is Green with Kate Burton so there is time yet.

Huntington Presents projects for next season, such The Atheist (with Campbell Scott) and a couple of others which I'm not quite sure I'm supposed to mention yet (ok, here goes - Judy Gold in her 25 Questions for a Jewish Mother - and the living cartoon lip syncing origami-ist Ennio Marchetto), will be the subject of a 10AM meeting on my first day back. ...

...Oh - and we're doing some renovations in the BU Theatre Lobby, some HVAC work at the Pavilion, and I have a bunch of job searches open at the moment. I may shoot the next person who says"it must be nice and slow in the summer"!

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