Thursday, July 12, 2007

Masterpiece Theatre Gets Their Game On

Seems like Desperate Housewives has been muscling in too much on Masterpiece Theatre's demographic. The runaway series about the women from Wisteria lane generally does millions more in the ratings on Sunday nights.
According to a Globe Article, it seems that while people hold the PBS show in high esteem, they feel it is not for them...

It is that perception that "Masterpiece" producers decided to tackle about a year ago. With a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, they hired
a firm to interview executives from PBS, CPB, and various PBS stations, as well as members and viewers. They found that viewers like the programming once they watch it, but the series's reputation is an obstacle. Some people referred to "Masterpiece," Eaton said, as a "dusty jewel that's hard to find" or a series made for "horny older women."

While the research found that "Masterpiece" has a female audience base, it found "millennials, too," said Margaret Drain , WGBH's vice president for national programming. "It's women in their 30s who love costume drama, who are Jane Austen freaks. And Jane Austen is undergoing a enaissance right now. There's even a Jane Austen action doll."

Jane Austen to the rescue!!! Why not? Harold Bloom has said that Austen is one of best creators of character after Shakespeare.

They are even on the hunt for a new host. Isn't Rosie O'Donnell looking for a new gig?

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