Saturday, July 14, 2007

Fringey Theatre Math

It's the Fringe Festival season, and in The Guardian, fringe producer Richard Wray fills out the ledger for us.

The two overriding numbers that he illuminates are the following:

In the incredibly unlikely event of a full sell-out throughout the run, gross sales - excluding concession tickets - would be roughly £12,300 of which, in theory, the production "company" would take just under £7,400, assuming all tickets were sold through the venue.

And after going through all the costs associated with the venture:

So that's a grand total of just over £9,000 before we even set foot in Scotland.

But anybody who has done a fringe festival can tell you that it is a blast.

While reading accounts like this, part of me gets the tension that all producers develop when undertaking such a wild venture. On the other hand, I get the jealousy as well, because it is at times like this that you are so alive with other people who all have the same goal.

Have fun this summer, fringers!

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