Thursday, July 19, 2007

Boston Theaters Beware Summer Cabaret Offerings

The Boston theatre scene is currently offering up two little musical compilation concoctions for the summer. Side by Side by Sondheim is playing at the New Rep. And A Marvelous Party is going on at the ART.

However, the Boston Metro reviewer is not amused, as indicated by the headlines:

"Side by Side Stinks"

"Not So Marvelous"

In the ART review "he hopes these types of shows are not becoming a trend."

Next summer, the theaters will probably hope he'll be on vacation.

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Thomas Garvey said...

God, Dussault is such an embarrassment. Easily the most clueless critic in town - and that's saying something! Why link to his drivel, especially since luckily, the folks who read the Metro don't have enough money to pay for theatre tickets anyway?