Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Boston Globe to Williamstown Theatre - "Get Me Rewrite!"

The Globe's Sandy Macdonald heads out to the border of Massachusetts for The Front Page. This is the whole Front Page, a three hour production of the original script in which, according to Macdonald, "most of its pre-PC racist epithets and misogynistic elements remain intact."

Macdonald can't get My Girl Friday, the film version from 1940 out of her peripheral vision. But she does give the production a fighting chance, which it seems to lose through a far too reverent approach:

"This is not so sacrosanct a script, however, that a bit more snipping and sidestepping would have seemed amiss. In fact, so familiar by now are the poker-playing, repartee-slinging conventions of the typical bullpen press room -- thanks, no doubt, to the period movies that "The Front Page" inspired -- that we don't even really need the gradual, atmospheric set-up established in Act One."

And yesterday, Garret Eisler at Playgoer talked a little about choosing works from the, um, mustier corners of the canonical closet:

Look, I'm as big a sucker as they come for dusting off the old American repertory. But the question here is not why do Old Acquaintance at all, but why devote the precious and enormous resources of the Roundabout "American Airlines" mainstage to

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