Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Will Stackman RIP

Those who regularly read this blog from afar may not know exactly how much Will Stackman will be missed here in Boston.

Mr. Stackman's passion for theatre supplied him with an endless spring of energy which allowed him to continue seeing and reviewing theatre till the very night of his passing away.

I saw him at the Boston Theatre Marathon which he reportedly stayed for the entire time.

Will Stackman posted reviews to the following places online

On the Aisle

Larry Stark's Theatermirror

Aisle Say

And Will also had an archive of "quicktakes" on the various things he saw, along with his blog, which is found at And Then I Saw.

Thomas Garvey has an nice post about Will on Hubreview. Please take the time to read it. And also go to Larry's site as people send in their rememberances.

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